The whole story started in 1976 in the HKG, State Farm of Herceghalom, in a small village close to Budapest. Miklós Kókai, the latter general manager of Huniper Kft., started planning spraying machines for the HKG. The name HUNIPER comes from this year. This name is an acronym, it means: universal spraying machine from Herceghalom.

In the ‘80s 8-10 patents were born with the participation of Mr. Kókai. We can say that the production of spraying machines and artificial fertilizer spraying machines became a success story. These types of machines – produced in the ‘80s – were ordered after the foundation of the limited company, Huniper Kft. as well.

The Huniper Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Miklós Kókai and Pál Pethes. This decade meant the same in development: new machines and patents were born again, like the computer-controlled automation. Thanks to the constant improvement, the Huniper Kft. became the leader Hungarian spraying machine producer in Hungary in the end of the ‘90s.

The new millennium brought new challenges, but the Huniper remained the same powerful company. It successfully started producing self-propelled spraying machines in cooperation with Pomac and helped to improve a chemical control which is based on GPS-control.
The year of 2009 meant a new line of development. The company began the planning and production of a totally new forestry machine…